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Madeleine's Boutique & Unique Gifts

Mission Statement

Mission of the Gift Shop
The purpose of Madeleine's Boutique and Unique Gifts is to generate revenue for the St. Mary's Medical Center Auxiliary.
Proceeds from the gift shop are used by the Auxiliary to further the mission of St. Mary's Medical Center to serve patients and their families.

Why is the Gift Shop Named Madeleine’s?
Employees at St. Mary's Medical Center voted to name the Gift Shop in honor of Sister Madeleine Lopez. Sister Madeleine served faithfully at St. Mary's Medical Center for more than 50 years.

Sister M. Madeleine Lopez, SAC, was instrumental in St. Mary’s growth into a regional medical center.  Lopez, who died in 2011 at the age of 100, worked as the comptroller for St. Mary’s for 43 years, steering the hospital out of tremendous debt during the height of the Great Depression and steering it toward becoming the successful medical center it is today. In 1983, she became the director of volunteer services, where she loved working with the volunteers and took great pride in all of their many contributions to the hospital.

The Mission of the St. Mary’s Medical Center Auxiliary

The primary function of the auxiliary are fourth-fold:

1. Service to the Medical Center and its patients. To demonstrate in all we do, the Medical Center’s values of Compassion, Hospitality, Reverence, Interdependence, Stewardship and Trust.
2. Fundraising to be carried out in a manner satisfactory to the Medical Center and in harmony with the Mission and Values of the Pallottine Sisters.
3. Public relations through activities which will bring greater community interest and understanding of the Medical Center, and by interpreting the Medical Center’s philosophy and objectives to the public.
4. To ensure our members meaningful work and the opportunity to learn and grow. Also to be recognized as a valuable resource in the field of healthcare.

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